The Matrix RPG

A Much Disputed Second Raid

Although understandably disturbed by the discovery that humans and A.I. coexist in Cleve Land, Root primarily finds himself to be covetous of the population’s advanced level and quality of tech. Thinking big and taking a cue from his apparently insane Russian crew mates, Root approaches the new guy to find out how feasible it would be to raid the city again, this time for a new ship. The Russians embrace the idea but the Captain and some of the other crew aren’t so sure. A dispute unfolds but ultimately a group is sent out in camouflage suits and military uniforms grabbed during the previous raid.

Zado and the Russians bluff their way into the hangar and control room but are told that no ships are leaving during the lockdown. Violence erupts and the few soldiers left after the Russians’ sudden attack are quickly taken out. The hangar portal is opened with some difficulty, the group joins on a ship called The Starbuck, and they make their escape. A ship follows, but Zado deftly pilots to the surface. The Starbuck erupts in a tall arc and spins around to turn its guns on its pursuer and bring it down just a a it emerges onto the surface.


Wonderful post!!

A Much Disputed Second Raid
Tre worldseye

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