The Matrix RPG

Abandoned Outpost Pieter

The group gets back all the salvage that Crystal Shard Reclamation Department won’t take. Twitch takes the box of stuff and goes through it for anything the group could possibly use. The captain parks the ship for a few hours at their hovership port #73XL100 so the ship can recharge its batteries. The captain and crew agree to head right back out for more salvage. The coordinates they have leads to a really hot spot and they don’t want to lose anytime gathering up more payloads. The salvage spot is 4 hours from Crystal Shard and 2 ½ hours from Vegas Town. When the ship is done recharging they head out to the salvage spot and find it has been looted. Someone has come in with a large crew and taken everything that was left on the ships. Everyone on the Sebko is upset. Captain Pablo is so upset he wants blood. They have been robbed of about three days of salvage and a huge payout. There is no trail to follow, so after a few hours of huffing and puffing the Sebko heads back home. On the way back they stop in Vegas Town Outpost. Captain Pablo can’t resist drowning his frustrations in liquor and women. The crew isn’t happy with this waste of their time so they find a transport job for some quick money and rustle the captain out of Madame Willow’s brothel.

A local merchant Sammy’s Delicacies would like the Sebko to transport his restaurant supplies across the Red Belt to Outpost THX. There is a restaurant named Cider House that must get the delivery in a few hours. This is an easy job for the ship, something they can do in the middle of the day and the cargo bay is only half full. When the group arrives at Outpost THX, the Sebko Punksmith Twitch tells the captain that he has found some useful information in an Old Mainframe from their last salvage run. He had to find a way to power it up, but once he figured that out it was no problem to mine it for data. He found the ship’s manifest and logs. The data is corrupt and has a lot of holes, but from what they can read this ship was attacked before it could complete its final mission over a century ago. The crew is able to pull some coordinates out of the data that look like possible places to visit for more salvage. This is like finding and old pirates map. This data is over a century old and possibly has riches that have been long forgotten about.

The first coordinates on the map are across the Acheron wasteland, close to Zion city. The ship joins a caravan that is crossing the wastelands soon. That is perfect timing for the Sebko. The caravan crosses the wasteland and they reach their destination in 12 hours. The coordinates take the Sebko to an abandoned outpost underground. The ship has to disable a few ancient perimeter defenses, but that is no problem for Panzer. They take a day to search the place out and get a lay of the city. They find the central hall and its mainframe. The entire outpost doesn’t have power because the reactor is missing a few parts. The Sebko travels to one of the Outpost surrounding Zion, called Outpost Amraft. It is easy enough to buy the parts they need without arousing any unwanted attention. The crew returns to Outpost Pieter, the pilot Zado makes sure they are not followed. After powering up the reactor they are able to see things they couldn’t see before. In one of the rooms of the outpost homes they found a mural telling a story of travel to paradise.

The central hall mainframe computer powers up also. The Operator is able to find out more about what the people were doing here. The logs in the mainframe speak in code about locations that they will travel to. The White Knights were going to pick up the people staying here and take them to Ice Crystal. In Ice Crystal the people will be told more information about what they were supposed to do next. Since the crew has Mainframe logs from the salvage ship that they know is one of the White Knight ships involved in the operation. The crew is able to decode the Outpost Mainframe data and figure out where Ice Crystal is from their list of coordinates. Everyone on the Sebko agrees they should head to Ice Crystal next.

The crew finds 4 Hover Cycles in a hidden garage. They are easily added to the ship’s cargo hold.


Tre Tre

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