The Matrix RPG

An offer you can't refuse

The crew arrives at Amraft Outpost safely. Some of the crew would like to continue checking the coordinates from the White Knight ship. They are only half way through the list and they have found so much stuff already. The ideas about what still awaits them are incredible. Dreams of technology and riches are quickly dashed as they approach Amraft Outpost. It cost 500 credits an hour to charge a ship. For every hour of battery charging time the ship will recharge three (3) hours of flight time. They know the salvage they have from Cleaveland will be worth some credits. But they need to find the best price and Amraft Outpost is too small to give the best trade.

When the Hammer hails the Outpost security and identify themselves they are given the best treatment. The Duke of Amraft “Johnne Bakell” greets them personally after landing. He and his entourage are dressed in fine furs that are brightly colored. The Duke explains that the Metro City Council have asked for them, the crew of the Hammer, personally as honored guest. The Duke offers the crew food and lodging while he recharges their ship in the hoverbay. After the recharge is complete Johnne quickly sends them on their way to Metro City. The Hammer hails the Metro City security perimeter. Military hoverships immediately converge and escorts them to the Metro City Hovership docking bay. The Military hoverships are heavily armed. The commander of this hovership squadron is The Thanatos, Captained by Spike. Spike was the same military commander that they told about the secret base of the Corrupted Pirates. Captain Spike mentions he is happy to have the Hammer back in town. After successfully eliminating the pirates a few months ago he considers the Hammer and its crew good luck. Captian Spike will help the crew as much as he can while they are in Metro City.

First the crew must land and talk with the Metro City Council. The crew is led into the council’s stone amphitheater meeting chambers which are close to the Military base and hovership bays. Council woman Karen Winters introduces herself to the crew. She is straight to the point and ask for their help rescuing a Messiah Codec, “The One”. They have attempted to extract this Codec before unsuccessfully. Each time they run into problems. First they were obstructed by Agents of course, but then they began running into Albino Exile Programs that are too powerful to defeat one on one. So far Metro City has the upper hand. Metro City is the only one who knows the identity of the Messiah Codec and no one else does, but they must keep this a secret from their adversaries until he can be extracted.
Metro City Ghost have been able to secure a hardline location they can enter the Node (Matrix) from. The hardline is in an apartment. Part of a working class, low income neighborhood. The apartment has a phone on a table that they can upload too.

If the Hammer helps then the Council is prepared to give them all dual citizenship. Making each crew member a citizen of both Crystal Shard and Metro City, with all the benefits that conveys. The crew will also be given a ship, or lands. The crew decided to take a ship, of their choice, as payment when they succeed. The crew was just talking with Captian Pablo about buying out his part of the ship. He really wants to retire from the life of exploring and adventuring. This would be a great opportunity. One more adventure for the captain and everyone can go their own way.


Tre Tre

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