The Matrix RPG

Corrupted Pirates of the Ice Seas

This session was recorded and posted on YouTube

The crew travels to Ice Crystal, which is 4 hours travel from their Pirate Base Outpost. The travel the Acheron Wastelands until they reach a canyon wall face with seven cave sized holes. The holes are a hundred feet up the side of the canyon face. The Sebko scans the canyon wall and finds hidden stairway carved out of the rock. The crew uses this ancient abandoned stairway to reach the caves. Each cave is empty, cleared of all usable and personal items. The crew does find a mural in two of the caves. The mural shows mass groups of people leaving oppressive situations and being led into the light by a messiah and in another mural they are being led into the light by hoverships. The murals are very figurative. No one can recognize anything in the murals as being a real place or person. The crew searches the canyon caves and find that the valuables have been salvaged. One of the central most caves has been salvaged for anything of value that has been left. There is a severed arm in the workshop. The arm seemed like it was left by whoever looted this place. It appears the arm was damaged and it had to be removed and left here. They give the arm to Twitch to find anything he can about it.

Twitch finds that the arm is mixed with AI technology. The group is leaving the Ice Crystal and is pursued by a pirate ship. This hovership looks sick and twisted. It has sails made of rusted jagged metal. The bottom is a keel like a water ship. The top of the ship has a medal deck. On one of the mast is a Skull and Crossbones flag. The Sebko will be able to outrun the pirates. Captain Pablo wants to run back to Outpost Amraft and see what they know about these pirates. The pirates have been menacing this part of the Acheron Wasteland. The crew buys explosives for a trap against the pirates. They set explosives on both sides of a canyon. The crew of the Sebko set off a rescue beacon to draw the pirate ship into the canyon.


Tre Tre

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