The Matrix RPG

Metro City heroes,

fifteen minutes of fame

The crew fires the Sobek’s weapons, a machine gun and the plasma cannon on the pirate ship. The Sobek looks more like a flat fish than a sleek fighter. Zado has to pilot the ship pretty creatively to give both guns a shot. Panzer drops gas bombs on the survivors that kills them with a neuro toxin. A few of the pirates escape the ship on hover speeders, but the crew is able to salvage their pirate ship of its most expensive items before the pirates bring their friends back to the crash site. The crew cannot salvage the entire ship in one trip. The first load is full of Batteries (6 hours, 1/3 of a trailer), Computer Chips/CPU’s/Nav Computer, Engines (speed 4), pirate logs with encryption keys, Heavy Machine Guns (x2), crates of ammo (x2).

Rasputin takes time to look through the pirates logs. He finds information in the ship logs that refer to Professor named Uncle Ante. Uncle Ante is a heavily modified cyborg that did all the work to modify the pirates with AI tech. Other than what they can get off of the ships computers they don’t have any more information on this Uncle Ante character, but to the best of their knowledge he seems to be the one in charge of this group.
The crew of the Sobek heard about a bounty for any information that leads to the capture of the Corrupted Pirates who had been menacing areas outside of Metro City. The crew has valuable information for the Metro City military. The Sobek travels to Metro City and meets with Captain Spike a representative of the military. Even though the crew of the Sobek are citizens from another the military will hear what they have to say. Captain Pablo has paid all the appropriate fees and taxes so the crew of the Sobek can do business legally in Metro City. Captain Pablo tells Captain Spike everything he knows about the pirate’s movements. Since Captain Pablo has ship logs to help them discern the Corrupted Pirates main hideout location. Captain Spike informs them that the military will take care of the pirates. All the crew has to do is wait for their reward when the military is finished. While they are in Metro City, the largest free human city, Rasputin finds women and vodka. Captain Pablo joins Rasputin while other members of the crew look for parts to modify the ship. They plan to travel through the Acheron Wastelands and the crew feels they will need more guns and armor.

The bounty for the pirates is a lot of money. The crew is able to trade in their old ship the Sobek for a new ship they call “The Hammer”. This ship is better all around. Now is the best time to spend their money. Since they are citizens of another city, Crystal Shard, the money would be worth a quarter of its value in Crystal Shard. After they get everything switched over and moved around between the new ship and the old ship. The Hammer flies some supplies back to Pirate Base Outpost, about four hours from Metro City heading back towards Crystal Shard. Before leaving Metro City Panzer makes sure they have equipment to fix the ship in their protected base. From the safety of their base they leave for the third coordinates on their list.

The third coordinates are called Wind Storm and Earth Spire. The crew travels four hours to Wind Storm. When the Hammer arrives at Wind Storm they see an entire Server (power plant) that appears abandoned. An entire Machine City that is completely deserted. There are no Machines or dead bodies, only the empty structure of the formerly great machine city. The center of the city has a spire the reaches toward the sky. The Hammer inspects the corn stalk (generator). The stalk has pods attached to it from the bottom to the top. There are enough pods on this generator to hold up to 10,000 humans. Instead each pod is empty. All the pods have their lids open, none of them are broken open or forced open. It would appear that all the humans were flushed from this generator for some reason.

Since the city is deserted the crew takes time to salvage a few things for the ship. Twitch and Rasputin remove 5 pods from the generator to expand their broadcasting rig from two chairs to seven chairs.


Tre Tre

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