The Matrix RPG

The Sebko and crew

Making a living on salvage

The Sebko (their ship) is docked at hovership port #73XL100. Their home away from home. The Sebko goes out on a salvage mission after Captain Pablo gets a map from the Crystal Shard Black Market. This electronic 3D map has coordinates for salvage that could make everyone rich. Everyone is excited about this salvage. They pilot their hovership across the Red Belt. Lightning from the ever present thunder clouds lights their way, creating a strobe effect as the thunder cracks and booms far above. The name the Red Belt is a misnomer. It is named that from the blood that was spilled to take Crystal Shard from the Machines. The crew travel 100 miles crossing the Red Belt in an hour and a half. The last city the ship sees is Vegastown, an outpost city bordering the Red Belt.

The group easily finds the salvage spot about another hour from the Red Belt. Captain Pablo lays out a digital claim on this location. (digital claim – while they are there they can salvage this spot exclusively.) The group is able to salvage hover engines from a ship that should make their ship go faster (Twitch has to still install these engines). The crew also takes some time to salvage ship batteries to help make a battery bank they can use to power themselves while they run salvage on this location. At the end of a long day of salvaging the crew is attacked by a sentinel patrol. There were only 3 sentinels but they the Sebko left before they could find out if the sentinel patrol called for help. The crew was able to fight off the four sentinels with no casualties.

The crew takes Blazers recommendation and use the Sentinel batteries to enhance their ship’s battery (It takes Twitch time to install this new energy source. Theoretically it will give their 8 hour battery a 4 hour extension). Twitch is able to upgrade their sensors while they are in the field, but that is all he has time for. The group is collecting salvage for an entire day.

On the way back home to clear their salvage the ship docks overnight at Vegas Town Outpost. Everyone but Blazer takes some R&R and has fun on the town. Thanks to Blazer keep watch the crew didn’t lose their salvage to criminals and swindlers to which there are a ton of both in Vegas town. Captain Pablo comes back to the ship drunk as a skunk and needs help stumbling to bed. The crew found a transmitter onboard and destroyed it immediately.

When the crew sells the salvage in Crystal Shard they get $1,000 Crystal Shard credits per crew member. Crystal Shard will buy salvage, from licensed operations for city credits.


Tre Tre

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