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Alexei Sokov
RSI– ♂ 30ish (Former Russian Mafia Wheelman)
Rogue Zion Military Spec Ops

RSI Attributes:
Agility (4); Common Sense (2); Endurance (2); Focus (3); Strength (3); Cyberzen (4)

Matrix Feat Skills:
Increase Attribute (3), Jump (1); Telekinesis (1)

Real World Skills:
Agility: Driving (5) +1 Stunts; Система Martial Arts (4)
Endurance: Ice Desert Survival (3)
Focus: Gunsmith (3); Vehicle Repair (3)
Strength: Salvage (3)

Downloaded Skills: 12 Max (4 permanent / 12 Temporary)
Permanent: Acrobatics (5); Parkour (5); Gun Fighting (5); Stealth (5)
Temporary: Escape Bonds (5); Locksmithing (5); Snooping (5); Stalking (5); +4 Open Download Slots

Real World Gear:
Compass, Flask, Survival knife, Zippo Lighter, and one 1969 JFK Half Dollar

Usual Matrix Gear:
Sunglasses, Leather Biker Jacket,

Alexei Sokov was born to Russian immigrants in the urban slums of New York. At an early age, he went to work for his uncle Dmitri Sokov against his parents’ wishes. Early on, Alexei demonstrated natural talent for evasive high-speed driving and physical violence. This attracted the attention of a retired Spetsnaz agent within the Sokov criminal organization who took him as an apprentice. It was his mentor who bestowed the nickname ‘Drako’ (Russian for the Dragon) on Alexei .

A few months after Ivan “Rasputin” Sokov was accidentally rescued from the Matrix, a Zion Spec Ops team also retrieved Alexei. They trained him as a RSI for high risk missions involving driving. Alexei went rogue when he discovered his cousin Ivan was also rescued from the Matrix and vowed to find him in the Real World.



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