Zado "The Tornado"

Brian K.


One of the Character name: Zado
Appearance: Tall, lean but strong, good looking, Brown hair blue eyes,
Mercenary RSI Hacker From Crystal Shard
Attributes: 18 if using CyberZen
Endurance: 3
Agility: 5
Strength: 4
Common Sense: 3
Mental Focus: 4
Cyber Zen: 2
RSI Ghost Attrib:
Real World Skills: (18pts up to 5 ea)(max is 5)
Aircraft Piloting 4,
Ambidextrous 1,
electronics 1
Groundcraft Piloting 1,
Gun Fighting 2,
Knife Fighting 2,
Martial Arts 2,
Coercion 1,
Interrogate 2,
Navigate 5
Guerrilla Tactics,
Parkor 1,
Rock climbing 1,
Stealth 0
Matrix feat “flight” 0
Downloaded Skills: per mission Driving
Gear: two machine pistols 9mm, katana, throwing knives

Add these skills later w/ XP: Throwing Weapons, Brawling, Running
Matrix feat skills pg37, lockpicking, programming, electronics
XP total: 7pilots of The Raptor.


Zado "The Tornado"

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