The Matrix RPG

A Parting of Ways
two ships... two destinies

Aboard the Starbuck…

While others celebrate, the Brothers Sokov struggle with a heavy decision. The recent and almost violent dispute over the second raid has left Drako and Rasputin with a bad taste in their collective mouths. Moments before the eminent rendezvous with the Hammer and its crew, the Russians convince Zado to land the Starbuck: Drako and Rasputin are leaving the group behind.

Despite pleas to the contrary, the brothers leave the Starbuck and wander into the snow-blanketed wilderness. They disappear on the white horizon as the Starbuck lifts off….

Days pass and find Rasputin in dire straights. He is suffering from exposure. Realizing his cousin will die from exposure without medical attention, Drako swallows his pride and speeds back toward Cleaveland. As he arrives at the perimeter, he is met by heavily armed A.I. Frames and the Cleaveland Security Command (a response to the recent incursion of the Hammer’s crew).

Drako tries to explain the situation, as Rasputin dies in his arms. Drako’s knees hit the snowy ground hard. He collapses, cradling his cousin’s lifeless body as the officers step forward and take him into custody. Drako is well aware of his fate as a traitor; he will most certainly be charged with treason, have his mind wiped, and reinserted into the Matrix.

As he is lead away in chains, Drako swears vengeance on the Hammer and her crew.

An offer you can't refuse

The crew arrives at Amraft Outpost safely. Some of the crew would like to continue checking the coordinates from the White Knight ship. They are only half way through the list and they have found so much stuff already. The ideas about what still awaits them are incredible. Dreams of technology and riches are quickly dashed as they approach Amraft Outpost. It cost 500 credits an hour to charge a ship. For every hour of battery charging time the ship will recharge three (3) hours of flight time. They know the salvage they have from Cleaveland will be worth some credits. But they need to find the best price and Amraft Outpost is too small to give the best trade.

When the Hammer hails the Outpost security and identify themselves they are given the best treatment. The Duke of Amraft “Johnne Bakell” greets them personally after landing. He and his entourage are dressed in fine furs that are brightly colored. The Duke explains that the Metro City Council have asked for them, the crew of the Hammer, personally as honored guest. The Duke offers the crew food and lodging while he recharges their ship in the hoverbay. After the recharge is complete Johnne quickly sends them on their way to Metro City. The Hammer hails the Metro City security perimeter. Military hoverships immediately converge and escorts them to the Metro City Hovership docking bay. The Military hoverships are heavily armed. The commander of this hovership squadron is The Thanatos, Captained by Spike. Spike was the same military commander that they told about the secret base of the Corrupted Pirates. Captain Spike mentions he is happy to have the Hammer back in town. After successfully eliminating the pirates a few months ago he considers the Hammer and its crew good luck. Captian Spike will help the crew as much as he can while they are in Metro City.

First the crew must land and talk with the Metro City Council. The crew is led into the council’s stone amphitheater meeting chambers which are close to the Military base and hovership bays. Council woman Karen Winters introduces herself to the crew. She is straight to the point and ask for their help rescuing a Messiah Codec, “The One”. They have attempted to extract this Codec before unsuccessfully. Each time they run into problems. First they were obstructed by Agents of course, but then they began running into Albino Exile Programs that are too powerful to defeat one on one. So far Metro City has the upper hand. Metro City is the only one who knows the identity of the Messiah Codec and no one else does, but they must keep this a secret from their adversaries until he can be extracted.
Metro City Ghost have been able to secure a hardline location they can enter the Node (Matrix) from. The hardline is in an apartment. Part of a working class, low income neighborhood. The apartment has a phone on a table that they can upload too.

If the Hammer helps then the Council is prepared to give them all dual citizenship. Making each crew member a citizen of both Crystal Shard and Metro City, with all the benefits that conveys. The crew will also be given a ship, or lands. The crew decided to take a ship, of their choice, as payment when they succeed. The crew was just talking with Captian Pablo about buying out his part of the ship. He really wants to retire from the life of exploring and adventuring. This would be a great opportunity. One more adventure for the captain and everyone can go their own way.

A Much Disputed Second Raid

Although understandably disturbed by the discovery that humans and A.I. coexist in Cleve Land, Root primarily finds himself to be covetous of the population’s advanced level and quality of tech. Thinking big and taking a cue from his apparently insane Russian crew mates, Root approaches the new guy to find out how feasible it would be to raid the city again, this time for a new ship. The Russians embrace the idea but the Captain and some of the other crew aren’t so sure. A dispute unfolds but ultimately a group is sent out in camouflage suits and military uniforms grabbed during the previous raid.

Zado and the Russians bluff their way into the hangar and control room but are told that no ships are leaving during the lockdown. Violence erupts and the few soldiers left after the Russians’ sudden attack are quickly taken out. The hangar portal is opened with some difficulty, the group joins on a ship called The Starbuck, and they make their escape. A ship follows, but Zado deftly pilots to the surface. The Starbuck erupts in a tall arc and spins around to turn its guns on its pursuer and bring it down just a a it emerges onto the surface.

Cleaveland is more than it appears
hit and run

Drako goes AWOL by leaving Cleave Land. Drako was trained as special ops by Cleave Land military. It is no problem for him to overpower a couple AI frames on perimeter duty. Nothing is going to stop Drako from finding his brother. Drako steals a hover bike and rides as fast as he can towards eSpire, his brother Rasputin’s last known location. Milli, a White Knight soldier of Cleave Land military, reported running into Rasputin and a few other Ghost Hackers in eSpire. Drako has military clearance that allows him to access Milli’s files. After Seeing the Node files with Rasputin’s image and voice recording Drako couldn’t deny it was him.

Drako was born as Alexei Sokov, in the AI Server power plant #HQ1T7N Omega. Rasputin is his brother. They were separated from each other over a year ago. Rasputin was extracted from the Node by Metro City military. Unfortunately for them Drako was accidentally extracted by the White Knights of Cleave Land. Both of these human cities follow wildly different beliefs. White Knights believe humans and AI can live in peace while the Metro City military seeks to destroy all AI.

Drako pushes his hover back as fast as the anti-grav engines will push him. The Hammer is travelling in Drako direction, barreling towards Cleave Land at full speed. The crew of the Hammer has no idea the coordinates they are following will take them into a large human city. To the crew of the Hammer this is the next set of coordinates on their map. A map that was supposed to lead them to untold riches and vast wealth. The Hammer is eight hours away from Cleave Land and there is no time to waste. If the Cleave Land coordinates have any good salvage the ship will be able to recharge its almost depleted batteries. If not they are stuck in the Acheron wasteland with no way home.

Drako spots their ship after they spot him on their sensors. Rasputin recognizes the voice on their comm speakers immediately. It is his brother from the Node. Rasputin is stunned. He tells Captain Pablo everything will be okay, he knows the man on this hover bike. Captain Pablo trust his crazy Russian crew member. The family is reunited on the ship. The brothers don’t look like family, but no one would dare tell them that. After a few joyful hours of being reunited the crew gets down to business. Drako warns them immediately that if they don’t change course and listen to his direction they will surely be discovered by Cleave Land’s perimeter defense.

Captain Pablo instructs the Hammer pilot Zado to follow Drako’s directions. Drako leads the ship through a maze of small natural tunnels which are empty. The final tunnel they land in is close to Cleave Land city. Drako shows them a tunnel he knows about that will let them walk into Cleave Land’s lower residential area unnoticed. Cleave Land is a large human city that rivals the Metro City. It is an underground city that goes deep down into natural caves and tunnels. The group quickly realizes they look out of place here. Cleave Land is clean and modern looking compared to the crew members from Crystal Shard. They will need to blend in better and get some clothes that don’t stand out as much. The crew looks like a bunch of bums and squatters compared to the Metro City humans. After mugging a few appropriately sized locals for their clothes, they blend in perfectly. Walking around the massive human city they notice AI machines walking along side of humans. Everyone is peaceful and happy. Drako explains that Cleave Land has made an ‘unholy’ pact with the AI. Both species live in peace here and in return the AI teach the humans how to manufacture and construct goods. That is why everything looks new, because it is.

The crew goes immediately to the main level of the city. Rasputin leads the charge, figuratively, for the crew to take some awesome military equipment. The main level of the city is busy with commerce. So busy that no one would notice the handful of them. There are is a small military depot against one of the walls. Besides this depot there isn’t much military presence in the main part of the city. Rasputin attempts to fast talk the depot guards. With his brother’s military credentials helping him out they both con the guards into letting their group of five people into the depot. There is are small vehicles near the entrance, but further in past the hover jeeps is a hallway that leads to a small weapon room. The group loads up with cool equipment they think they know how to use. Yang finds Navigation computer chips that have maps of the area. The chips could possibly boost The Hammers navigation system. Ghost picks up shock pistols, sniper rifles, and light weight battle suits. The battle suits fit into metal suitcases that can easily be carried in one hand. These battle suits seem to have camouflage technology and a welder built into it. Ghost with her salvage senses finds magazine clips that act like stun ammo against AI, two shots will incapacitate a Squiddie sized AI frame. Each magazine has 10 shots in it. There are gun scopes for the ballistic weapons, exploding ammo, and tracer rounds.

Root travelled further down the hallway and found some uniforms they could fit into and stole enough for everyone. The crew heads deeper into the military facility looking for more loot. The Russian brothers find large, heavy weight APU battle suits. They can only take one APU suit a piece. Rasputin radios the Hammer and tells them to meet him in the docking bay. Their ship has five minutes of clearance to land and take off before the city security realizes their clearance is bogus. When the Hammer lands amongst all the other ships it looks like a floating hunk of junk. The other ships in the bay are clean and shiny, while the Hammer has many oversized panels that were welded down to size. The crew quickly loads up the APUs and get back to their secret landing spot in the cave.

The Hammer has one big problem. It expended most of its battery getting to Cleave Land. The ship has less than an hour of battery left and that is not enough to leave the city. Since their ship is not authorized to be here they can’t charge up in the hover bay. Twitch, the punksmith, reminds them that they could get at least two hours worth of charge from an AI Frame. The group sneaks into the residential housing area of Cleave Land and mug five AI frames they can drag back to the ship. They connect the AI frames to the Hammer’s batteries and drain the AI to death in order to charge their ship batteries.

Tragedy at eSpire
don't wake the architect

The Hammer activates one of the ancient city’s traps while leaving Earth Spire. The trap is a large concrete shell that works like a venus fly trap. The concrete seals them in and keeps the ship immobile. Their weapons do nothing to the walls of the trap. The Operator “Cobalt” is still able to get a signal from the Node inside the trap. Captain Pablo suggest they try and find a lever to release the trap from inside the Node. Even though this city is abandoned, in theory it should be referenced in the Node somewhere. The group sends in six crew members to find this city they only know very little about. They have the coordinates for Earth Spire and Wind Storm, that should get them started. When the group is uploaded into the Node they appear in the Houston server (power plant), which is the closest server (power plant) to their ship. The Earth Spire server (power plant) is deactivated and isn’t a location the Operator can download them too directly. A server (power plant) is where the machines store information the Ghost hackers can access. The Ghost hackers must be able to infiltrate government related computers to get the Machines true information. The simulacrum computers can access Machine code from the proper access points. Panzer suggest they infiltrate a DMV and hack that computer for information about the city at their ship’s coordinates. A DMV at night shouldn’t be as protected as police station. Information about this decommissioned server (power plant) should not be that restricted that they can’t access it from a DMV computer.

Cobalt is a little rusty uploading Ghost into the Node. She gets their equipment okay but it takes her ten minutes and several failed logins before she hacks a secure hardline. The crew is uploaded to a phone in an alley about a mile from their target. This isn’t a problem. They take time to scope out the area and find some supplies to help them break into the DMV. The ship’s loading program only had one type of gun, this lack of choice really annoyed Panzer. To remedy this problem he and the group are going to grab a bunch of guns and equipment from the closest sporting goods store. Anything they take back to the ship can be copied by the Operator into the loading program. The ship’s simulacrum inventory is sparse. Next time the group uploads they will have more choices, which makes Panzer happy. After burglarizing one of many sporting goods stores in the Houston server, Rasputin and the group work on stealing a car. Rasputin tried lockpicks but ended up using his elbow to break the car’s window. Panzer told Rasputin he has to sit on the glass in the driver’s seat since he made the mess. They are able to hotwire a sedan that fits all six of them. Once at the DMV they access the building with help from their punksmith Sunshine and Rasputin, “the mad Russian”. The DMV security is light and easily bypassed. The group gets on to one of the computer terminals and hacks into the Machine files they need. They find that the city at the Earth Spire coordinates is the same site as the horrible eSpire Nuclear Meltdown. The entire city was evacuated because the eSpire Nuclear facility had an irreversible meltdown. The site is still contaminated with extremely high levels of radiation and is quarantined off from the public.

The crew calls Cobalt and ask her to upload a few radiation hazmat suits to protect them from any harmful radiation at the eSpire Nuclear facility. The crew drives their Buick on the Interstate. Driving on the interstate can be dangerous if you’re caught. Rasputin’s driving attracts the attention of a police officer. Instead of slowing down Rasputin does some defensive driving that ends with him ramming the police car so hard with their Buick that the cop is stranded in the middle of the interstate. The crew is only one exit from eSpire, Rasputin escapes pursuit and heads to eSpire without any more issues. The city is a ghost town, the inhabitants were moved so quickly they didn’t have time to take any of their personal belongings with them. Everyone except Rasputin is wearing their hazmat suit inside the quarantined area. The problem with the suits is, if they are attacked there is no way they can fire their weapons and keep the suits on. Rasputin would rather have access to his weapons than worry about the radiation. Everyone else in the crew eyes the mad Russian and gives him fifteen minutes. If the Mad Russian doesn’t show signs of radiation sickness they will take their suits off also. The crew heads into the center of the Nuclear facility looking for any computers they can access. They find a control room with some working terminals in it. Once they hack the workstation it is easy to release the ship from the trap. The crew confirms that the Hammer has been released in the real world and their work is done.

As the crew prepares to leave the facility they are confronted by twin girls in white leather who warn them not to awake the Architect. The Architect is known as Hera, and Hera will not be happy with their presence here. The White leather twins appear to be a Ghost like they are. Both have the matrix feat allowing them to teleport at will. After giving their message they disappear. The crew didn’t have a chance to ask questions, but they don’t stick around to look for the white leather twins either. There is a one way hardline back to the ship. The Operator dials up their hardline and gets all the ghost back to their bodies safely. The machine city is still empty and that is comforting news for everyone in the ship. The crew doesn’t quite know where they are heading, but they can all agree that it is time to get out of here!

Metro City heroes,
fifteen minutes of fame

The crew fires the Sobek’s weapons, a machine gun and the plasma cannon on the pirate ship. The Sobek looks more like a flat fish than a sleek fighter. Zado has to pilot the ship pretty creatively to give both guns a shot. Panzer drops gas bombs on the survivors that kills them with a neuro toxin. A few of the pirates escape the ship on hover speeders, but the crew is able to salvage their pirate ship of its most expensive items before the pirates bring their friends back to the crash site. The crew cannot salvage the entire ship in one trip. The first load is full of Batteries (6 hours, 1/3 of a trailer), Computer Chips/CPU’s/Nav Computer, Engines (speed 4), pirate logs with encryption keys, Heavy Machine Guns (x2), crates of ammo (x2).

Rasputin takes time to look through the pirates logs. He finds information in the ship logs that refer to Professor named Uncle Ante. Uncle Ante is a heavily modified cyborg that did all the work to modify the pirates with AI tech. Other than what they can get off of the ships computers they don’t have any more information on this Uncle Ante character, but to the best of their knowledge he seems to be the one in charge of this group.
The crew of the Sobek heard about a bounty for any information that leads to the capture of the Corrupted Pirates who had been menacing areas outside of Metro City. The crew has valuable information for the Metro City military. The Sobek travels to Metro City and meets with Captain Spike a representative of the military. Even though the crew of the Sobek are citizens from another the military will hear what they have to say. Captain Pablo has paid all the appropriate fees and taxes so the crew of the Sobek can do business legally in Metro City. Captain Pablo tells Captain Spike everything he knows about the pirate’s movements. Since Captain Pablo has ship logs to help them discern the Corrupted Pirates main hideout location. Captain Spike informs them that the military will take care of the pirates. All the crew has to do is wait for their reward when the military is finished. While they are in Metro City, the largest free human city, Rasputin finds women and vodka. Captain Pablo joins Rasputin while other members of the crew look for parts to modify the ship. They plan to travel through the Acheron Wastelands and the crew feels they will need more guns and armor.

The bounty for the pirates is a lot of money. The crew is able to trade in their old ship the Sobek for a new ship they call “The Hammer”. This ship is better all around. Now is the best time to spend their money. Since they are citizens of another city, Crystal Shard, the money would be worth a quarter of its value in Crystal Shard. After they get everything switched over and moved around between the new ship and the old ship. The Hammer flies some supplies back to Pirate Base Outpost, about four hours from Metro City heading back towards Crystal Shard. Before leaving Metro City Panzer makes sure they have equipment to fix the ship in their protected base. From the safety of their base they leave for the third coordinates on their list.

The third coordinates are called Wind Storm and Earth Spire. The crew travels four hours to Wind Storm. When the Hammer arrives at Wind Storm they see an entire Server (power plant) that appears abandoned. An entire Machine City that is completely deserted. There are no Machines or dead bodies, only the empty structure of the formerly great machine city. The center of the city has a spire the reaches toward the sky. The Hammer inspects the corn stalk (generator). The stalk has pods attached to it from the bottom to the top. There are enough pods on this generator to hold up to 10,000 humans. Instead each pod is empty. All the pods have their lids open, none of them are broken open or forced open. It would appear that all the humans were flushed from this generator for some reason.

Since the city is deserted the crew takes time to salvage a few things for the ship. Twitch and Rasputin remove 5 pods from the generator to expand their broadcasting rig from two chairs to seven chairs.

Corrupted Pirates of the Ice Seas

This session was recorded and posted on YouTube

The crew travels to Ice Crystal, which is 4 hours travel from their Pirate Base Outpost. The travel the Acheron Wastelands until they reach a canyon wall face with seven cave sized holes. The holes are a hundred feet up the side of the canyon face. The Sebko scans the canyon wall and finds hidden stairway carved out of the rock. The crew uses this ancient abandoned stairway to reach the caves. Each cave is empty, cleared of all usable and personal items. The crew does find a mural in two of the caves. The mural shows mass groups of people leaving oppressive situations and being led into the light by a messiah and in another mural they are being led into the light by hoverships. The murals are very figurative. No one can recognize anything in the murals as being a real place or person. The crew searches the canyon caves and find that the valuables have been salvaged. One of the central most caves has been salvaged for anything of value that has been left. There is a severed arm in the workshop. The arm seemed like it was left by whoever looted this place. It appears the arm was damaged and it had to be removed and left here. They give the arm to Twitch to find anything he can about it.

Twitch finds that the arm is mixed with AI technology. The group is leaving the Ice Crystal and is pursued by a pirate ship. This hovership looks sick and twisted. It has sails made of rusted jagged metal. The bottom is a keel like a water ship. The top of the ship has a medal deck. On one of the mast is a Skull and Crossbones flag. The Sebko will be able to outrun the pirates. Captain Pablo wants to run back to Outpost Amraft and see what they know about these pirates. The pirates have been menacing this part of the Acheron Wasteland. The crew buys explosives for a trap against the pirates. They set explosives on both sides of a canyon. The crew of the Sebko set off a rescue beacon to draw the pirate ship into the canyon.

Abandoned Outpost Pieter

The group gets back all the salvage that Crystal Shard Reclamation Department won’t take. Twitch takes the box of stuff and goes through it for anything the group could possibly use. The captain parks the ship for a few hours at their hovership port #73XL100 so the ship can recharge its batteries. The captain and crew agree to head right back out for more salvage. The coordinates they have leads to a really hot spot and they don’t want to lose anytime gathering up more payloads. The salvage spot is 4 hours from Crystal Shard and 2 ½ hours from Vegas Town. When the ship is done recharging they head out to the salvage spot and find it has been looted. Someone has come in with a large crew and taken everything that was left on the ships. Everyone on the Sebko is upset. Captain Pablo is so upset he wants blood. They have been robbed of about three days of salvage and a huge payout. There is no trail to follow, so after a few hours of huffing and puffing the Sebko heads back home. On the way back they stop in Vegas Town Outpost. Captain Pablo can’t resist drowning his frustrations in liquor and women. The crew isn’t happy with this waste of their time so they find a transport job for some quick money and rustle the captain out of Madame Willow’s brothel.

A local merchant Sammy’s Delicacies would like the Sebko to transport his restaurant supplies across the Red Belt to Outpost THX. There is a restaurant named Cider House that must get the delivery in a few hours. This is an easy job for the ship, something they can do in the middle of the day and the cargo bay is only half full. When the group arrives at Outpost THX, the Sebko Punksmith Twitch tells the captain that he has found some useful information in an Old Mainframe from their last salvage run. He had to find a way to power it up, but once he figured that out it was no problem to mine it for data. He found the ship’s manifest and logs. The data is corrupt and has a lot of holes, but from what they can read this ship was attacked before it could complete its final mission over a century ago. The crew is able to pull some coordinates out of the data that look like possible places to visit for more salvage. This is like finding and old pirates map. This data is over a century old and possibly has riches that have been long forgotten about.

The first coordinates on the map are across the Acheron wasteland, close to Zion city. The ship joins a caravan that is crossing the wastelands soon. That is perfect timing for the Sebko. The caravan crosses the wasteland and they reach their destination in 12 hours. The coordinates take the Sebko to an abandoned outpost underground. The ship has to disable a few ancient perimeter defenses, but that is no problem for Panzer. They take a day to search the place out and get a lay of the city. They find the central hall and its mainframe. The entire outpost doesn’t have power because the reactor is missing a few parts. The Sebko travels to one of the Outpost surrounding Zion, called Outpost Amraft. It is easy enough to buy the parts they need without arousing any unwanted attention. The crew returns to Outpost Pieter, the pilot Zado makes sure they are not followed. After powering up the reactor they are able to see things they couldn’t see before. In one of the rooms of the outpost homes they found a mural telling a story of travel to paradise.

The central hall mainframe computer powers up also. The Operator is able to find out more about what the people were doing here. The logs in the mainframe speak in code about locations that they will travel to. The White Knights were going to pick up the people staying here and take them to Ice Crystal. In Ice Crystal the people will be told more information about what they were supposed to do next. Since the crew has Mainframe logs from the salvage ship that they know is one of the White Knight ships involved in the operation. The crew is able to decode the Outpost Mainframe data and figure out where Ice Crystal is from their list of coordinates. Everyone on the Sebko agrees they should head to Ice Crystal next.

The crew finds 4 Hover Cycles in a hidden garage. They are easily added to the ship’s cargo hold.

The Sebko and crew
Making a living on salvage

The Sebko (their ship) is docked at hovership port #73XL100. Their home away from home. The Sebko goes out on a salvage mission after Captain Pablo gets a map from the Crystal Shard Black Market. This electronic 3D map has coordinates for salvage that could make everyone rich. Everyone is excited about this salvage. They pilot their hovership across the Red Belt. Lightning from the ever present thunder clouds lights their way, creating a strobe effect as the thunder cracks and booms far above. The name the Red Belt is a misnomer. It is named that from the blood that was spilled to take Crystal Shard from the Machines. The crew travel 100 miles crossing the Red Belt in an hour and a half. The last city the ship sees is Vegastown, an outpost city bordering the Red Belt.

The group easily finds the salvage spot about another hour from the Red Belt. Captain Pablo lays out a digital claim on this location. (digital claim – while they are there they can salvage this spot exclusively.) The group is able to salvage hover engines from a ship that should make their ship go faster (Twitch has to still install these engines). The crew also takes some time to salvage ship batteries to help make a battery bank they can use to power themselves while they run salvage on this location. At the end of a long day of salvaging the crew is attacked by a sentinel patrol. There were only 3 sentinels but they the Sebko left before they could find out if the sentinel patrol called for help. The crew was able to fight off the four sentinels with no casualties.

The crew takes Blazers recommendation and use the Sentinel batteries to enhance their ship’s battery (It takes Twitch time to install this new energy source. Theoretically it will give their 8 hour battery a 4 hour extension). Twitch is able to upgrade their sensors while they are in the field, but that is all he has time for. The group is collecting salvage for an entire day.

On the way back home to clear their salvage the ship docks overnight at Vegas Town Outpost. Everyone but Blazer takes some R&R and has fun on the town. Thanks to Blazer keep watch the crew didn’t lose their salvage to criminals and swindlers to which there are a ton of both in Vegas town. Captain Pablo comes back to the ship drunk as a skunk and needs help stumbling to bed. The crew found a transmitter onboard and destroyed it immediately.

When the crew sells the salvage in Crystal Shard they get $1,000 Crystal Shard credits per crew member. Crystal Shard will buy salvage, from licensed operations for city credits.


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