Welcome to The Matrix RPG campaign. I try to keep each gaming session to about two (2) hours every two (2) weeks. We play this game using a Virtual Tabletop called Roll20.

This campaign is a playtest of new ideas and rules I plan to add to the sourcebook. If you are interested in The Matrix RPG game please ask questions on Google+ or here. There is enough room for up to four (4) players each game. You can become an alternate by RSVPing “Yes” to the event I post on Google+, even though it is full. Ten minutes after game time I will contact alternates to fill any available spots. If you don’t have a character because you are an alternate don’t worry.

There are a couple options if you are a new player. You can make a character using the campaign character generation rules. There are pre-generated “RedShirt” characters for each session. The characters are part of a ship and any of those crew are pulled up as NPC for the game. If you are interested in the game go to the website ( http://3waters.org/the-matrix-rpg/ ) and download the free PDF I have for the rules.

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The Matrix RPG

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