Welcome to The Matrix RPG campaign. I try to keep each gaming session to about two (2) hours every two (2) weeks. We play this game using a Virtual Tabletop called Roll20.

This campaign is a playtest of new ideas and rules I plan to add to the sourcebook. If you are interested in The Matrix RPG game please ask questions on Twitter or here. There is enough room for up to four (4) players each game. You can become an alternate. Ten minutes after game time I will contact alternates to fill any available spots. If you don’t have a character because you are an alternate don’t worry.

There are a couple options if you are a new player. You can make a character using the campaign character generation rules. There are pre-generated “RedShirt” characters for each session. The characters are part of a ship and any of those crew are pulled up as NPC for the game. If you are interested in the game go to the website ( http://3waters.org/the-matrix-rpg/ ) and download the free PDF I have for the rules.

If you like this game please do a favor.

1. Become a fan of this Obsidian Portal Campaign

2. Join the Roll20 Campaign, found here https://app.roll20.net/campaigns/details/33534/the-matrix-rpg

3. Share the game with everyone you know

The Matrix RPG

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