Rasputin "The Mad Russian"

Jerrod G.


Ivan Sokov
RSI Hacker – ♂ 30ish, Russian Mafia Heir

RSI Attributes:
Agility (5) / Common Sense (5) / Endurance (5) / Focus (5) / Strength (5) /Cyberzen (5)

Real World Skills:
Ambidextrous: (5), Blade Fighting: (5) +1 Twin Kukris, Coercion (5), Perception: (5), Martial Arts Система: (5) +1 Pressure Points, Throwing Weapons:(5) +1 Throwing Knives, Survival (3), Ice Desert Survival (4),

Matrix Feat Skills:
Acute Hearing (3), Blind (3), Disguise (4), Increase Attribute (5), Jump (5), Mind Control (4), Negate (5), Telekinesis (3), Telepathy (2), Time Slow (5), X-Ray Vision (2)

Downloaded Skills: Max:15 (Cyberzen x3) / Permanent Max: 5 / Temporary Max: 10
Permanent: Acrobatics (5), Escape Bonds (5), Stalking (5), Stealth (5), Thieving (5)
Temporary: Forgery, Interrogate, Locksmithing, Snooping,

Real World Gear:
Survival knife, Flask, 2 Cutter Kukris, Zippo Lighter, and one 1969 JFK Half Dollar

Usual Matrix Gear:
Brass Knuckles, Twin Kukris, Garrote, Lockpicking Set, Zippo Lighter and Cigarette case. The Suite (Sunglasses, 50s style black suit and tie, black leather trench coat, leather vest with 50 throwing knives).

Ivan was born to Russian immigrants in the urban slums of Megacity. His father, Dmitri Sokov, was a large imposing man who started his career in the Red Mafia as an enforcer and clawed his way to the top of the food chain as head of North American organization. From an early age, he groomed his son to be his heir by hiring assassins and retired Spetsnaz agents as mentors.
He took to the family business like a duck to water. By sixteen, Ivan had collected more than two million in outstanding debts owed the organization, leaving a swath of broken bones, severed limbs, and hideous scars in his wake. His impulsive attitude, short temper and brutality earned Ivan a reputation of cruelty.
It was Dmitri who bestowed the nickname ‘Rasputin’ on his son after several failed assassination attempts by rival Red Mafia families. It stuck.
On his nineteenth birthday, Ivan took over the organization in the wake of his father’s assassination. Ivan publicly vowed to avenge his father. Unfortunately, he was erroneously freed from the Matrix by an RSI team operating on bad intelligence before he could deliver on the promise.


Rasputin "The Mad Russian"

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