Bishop Buckley “Buck” Hillis
Punksmith – ♂ 23

RSI Attributes:
Agility (3) / Common Sense (5) / Endurance (2) / Focus (3) / Strength (2) /Cyberzen (3)

Real World Skills:
Agility: Blade Fighting (2), Escape Bonds (1), Sleight Of Hand (1),
Common Sense: Bartering (2), Black Market (3), Conceal (2), Diplomacy (1), Gather Information (1), Stealth (3), Thieving (2), Perception (2), Punksmithing (4), Salvage (3)
Endurance: Survival (1),
Focus: Electronics (1), Forgery (1), System Operations (2)

Matrix Feat Skills:
Create Simple Objects (p38),

Downloaded Skills: Max:9 (Cyberzen x3) / Permanent Max: 3 / Temporary Max: 6
Permanent: Locksmithing (1), Medical Knowledge (1),
Temporary: ?

Real World Gear:Ration Packs (6), Chain Knife, Canteen, Survival Knife, Nomad Stick, Handgun-Fizbang, Punksmithing Tools, Handgun-Popper, APU

Usual Matrix Gear:

Buck was raised in Albany, NC. His father was killed in an accident on the job when Buck was 12, and at 16 he was forced to drop out of school to help provide for his family when the worker’s compensation ran out. Lacking training and experience, Buck’s only option was to take an entry level position with the only major local enterprise and his father’s former employer, Transport Equipment Company. Buck had always enjoyed working with his hands and dis- and reassembling things, and he quickly earned a supervisory machinist position. When the production division was moved overseas, Buck was left with few options aside from seeking similar work in neighboring cities and states. Buck found work here and there but never anything permanent, and in desperation he turned to petty theft and grifting in order to have enough money to support both himself and his family at home. He found that he had a talent for these things as well, and retained these abilities and inclinations when he was extracted from the Matrix. Buck is tall and lanky with short unkempt dirty blond hair. He regularly wears a light pair of augmented reality goggles and a full length black leather coat, in which may be found an assortment of punksmithing tools and a number of hidden pockets for concealing various items.



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