The Starbuck

White Knight Transport Class Hover Ship


The “Starbuck”
Transport class

Vehicle Attributes:
Speed (3)
Agility (4)
Fuel (remaining/maximum): ( /26 total ),

Vehicle Characteristics:
Sensors (Magnetic Anomaly Detector, Air Flow Sensor, Seismic Sensor, Wireless Sensor, EMP 1 pulse/per charge hour, Heat Sensors, ),

Sensor Countermeasures (Jammers 4),

Security Systems (Machine Gun/below ship on full turret, Plasma Canon/top of ship on full turret, EMP Charges-one pulse per hour),

Hull Integrity (4)

(Art by )

Space (4 semi trailers)

Enhancements ()

Vehicle Skill Type (Aircraft Piloting Skill)


The Starbuck

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