The Matrix RPG

A Parting of Ways

two ships... two destinies

Aboard the Starbuck…

While others celebrate, the Brothers Sokov struggle with a heavy decision. The recent and almost violent dispute over the second raid has left Drako and Rasputin with a bad taste in their collective mouths. Moments before the eminent rendezvous with the Hammer and its crew, the Russians convince Zado to land the Starbuck: Drako and Rasputin are leaving the group behind.

Despite pleas to the contrary, the brothers leave the Starbuck and wander into the snow-blanketed wilderness. They disappear on the white horizon as the Starbuck lifts off….

Days pass and find Rasputin in dire straights. He is suffering from exposure. Realizing his cousin will die from exposure without medical attention, Drako swallows his pride and speeds back toward Cleaveland. As he arrives at the perimeter, he is met by heavily armed A.I. Frames and the Cleaveland Security Command (a response to the recent incursion of the Hammer’s crew).

Drako tries to explain the situation, as Rasputin dies in his arms. Drako’s knees hit the snowy ground hard. He collapses, cradling his cousin’s lifeless body as the officers step forward and take him into custody. Drako is well aware of his fate as a traitor; he will most certainly be charged with treason, have his mind wiped, and reinserted into the Matrix.

As he is lead away in chains, Drako swears vengeance on the Hammer and her crew.


Tre SavageDaddy

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