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Cleaveland is more than it appears

hit and run

Drako goes AWOL by leaving Cleave Land. Drako was trained as special ops by Cleave Land military. It is no problem for him to overpower a couple AI frames on perimeter duty. Nothing is going to stop Drako from finding his brother. Drako steals a hover bike and rides as fast as he can towards eSpire, his brother Rasputin’s last known location. Milli, a White Knight soldier of Cleave Land military, reported running into Rasputin and a few other Ghost Hackers in eSpire. Drako has military clearance that allows him to access Milli’s files. After Seeing the Node files with Rasputin’s image and voice recording Drako couldn’t deny it was him.

Drako was born as Alexei Sokov, in the AI Server power plant #HQ1T7N Omega. Rasputin is his brother. They were separated from each other over a year ago. Rasputin was extracted from the Node by Metro City military. Unfortunately for them Drako was accidentally extracted by the White Knights of Cleave Land. Both of these human cities follow wildly different beliefs. White Knights believe humans and AI can live in peace while the Metro City military seeks to destroy all AI.

Drako pushes his hover back as fast as the anti-grav engines will push him. The Hammer is travelling in Drako direction, barreling towards Cleave Land at full speed. The crew of the Hammer has no idea the coordinates they are following will take them into a large human city. To the crew of the Hammer this is the next set of coordinates on their map. A map that was supposed to lead them to untold riches and vast wealth. The Hammer is eight hours away from Cleave Land and there is no time to waste. If the Cleave Land coordinates have any good salvage the ship will be able to recharge its almost depleted batteries. If not they are stuck in the Acheron wasteland with no way home.

Drako spots their ship after they spot him on their sensors. Rasputin recognizes the voice on their comm speakers immediately. It is his brother from the Node. Rasputin is stunned. He tells Captain Pablo everything will be okay, he knows the man on this hover bike. Captain Pablo trust his crazy Russian crew member. The family is reunited on the ship. The brothers don’t look like family, but no one would dare tell them that. After a few joyful hours of being reunited the crew gets down to business. Drako warns them immediately that if they don’t change course and listen to his direction they will surely be discovered by Cleave Land’s perimeter defense.

Captain Pablo instructs the Hammer pilot Zado to follow Drako’s directions. Drako leads the ship through a maze of small natural tunnels which are empty. The final tunnel they land in is close to Cleave Land city. Drako shows them a tunnel he knows about that will let them walk into Cleave Land’s lower residential area unnoticed. Cleave Land is a large human city that rivals the Metro City. It is an underground city that goes deep down into natural caves and tunnels. The group quickly realizes they look out of place here. Cleave Land is clean and modern looking compared to the crew members from Crystal Shard. They will need to blend in better and get some clothes that don’t stand out as much. The crew looks like a bunch of bums and squatters compared to the Metro City humans. After mugging a few appropriately sized locals for their clothes, they blend in perfectly. Walking around the massive human city they notice AI machines walking along side of humans. Everyone is peaceful and happy. Drako explains that Cleave Land has made an ‘unholy’ pact with the AI. Both species live in peace here and in return the AI teach the humans how to manufacture and construct goods. That is why everything looks new, because it is.

The crew goes immediately to the main level of the city. Rasputin leads the charge, figuratively, for the crew to take some awesome military equipment. The main level of the city is busy with commerce. So busy that no one would notice the handful of them. There are is a small military depot against one of the walls. Besides this depot there isn’t much military presence in the main part of the city. Rasputin attempts to fast talk the depot guards. With his brother’s military credentials helping him out they both con the guards into letting their group of five people into the depot. There is are small vehicles near the entrance, but further in past the hover jeeps is a hallway that leads to a small weapon room. The group loads up with cool equipment they think they know how to use. Yang finds Navigation computer chips that have maps of the area. The chips could possibly boost The Hammers navigation system. Ghost picks up shock pistols, sniper rifles, and light weight battle suits. The battle suits fit into metal suitcases that can easily be carried in one hand. These battle suits seem to have camouflage technology and a welder built into it. Ghost with her salvage senses finds magazine clips that act like stun ammo against AI, two shots will incapacitate a Squiddie sized AI frame. Each magazine has 10 shots in it. There are gun scopes for the ballistic weapons, exploding ammo, and tracer rounds.

Root travelled further down the hallway and found some uniforms they could fit into and stole enough for everyone. The crew heads deeper into the military facility looking for more loot. The Russian brothers find large, heavy weight APU battle suits. They can only take one APU suit a piece. Rasputin radios the Hammer and tells them to meet him in the docking bay. Their ship has five minutes of clearance to land and take off before the city security realizes their clearance is bogus. When the Hammer lands amongst all the other ships it looks like a floating hunk of junk. The other ships in the bay are clean and shiny, while the Hammer has many oversized panels that were welded down to size. The crew quickly loads up the APUs and get back to their secret landing spot in the cave.

The Hammer has one big problem. It expended most of its battery getting to Cleave Land. The ship has less than an hour of battery left and that is not enough to leave the city. Since their ship is not authorized to be here they can’t charge up in the hover bay. Twitch, the punksmith, reminds them that they could get at least two hours worth of charge from an AI Frame. The group sneaks into the residential housing area of Cleave Land and mug five AI frames they can drag back to the ship. They connect the AI frames to the Hammer’s batteries and drain the AI to death in order to charge their ship batteries.


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